Phalcon USA 

Patrick Dolan

“I enjoy the team atmosphere here at JE Richards and the wide range of opportunity that comes with being a Phalcon company.”
Vice President of Service

Responsibilities: Pat is in charge of J.E. Richards’ electrical service department while focusing on customers' needs and maintaining superior customer relationships. His primary goal is to create the premier “one stop shop” for electrical services in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

Experience: Prior to joining the J.E. Richards service team, Pat started his career climbing the electrical ranks. Beginning in the Electrical Apprenticeship with IBEW 26, Pat worked his way to a project management position, and then moved into a service account management role. As an account manager Pat has become a leader in the Washington, DC marketplace, recognized by property managers, building engineers and owners for exemplary safety and quality service.

Free time: Patrick likes to travel and is an avid power boater. He’s a member of the Chesapeake Bay Power Boat Club and the Florida Powerboat Club. In the winter months he participates in the Florida Powerboat Club events.