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J.E. Richards, Inc. completed a full electrical installation for The Aerospace Corporation's new data center. The impressive new project included a 14,750 square foot visitor center, 190,000 square foot concourse areas, 72,378 square foot Data Center / SCIF, and 180,000 square feet of office space and multi-story parking garage. 


J.E. Richards installed a complete site infrastructure including medium voltage distribution services, site lighting and guard stations. The project featured interconnecting Fiber Optic Duct banks to adjacent facilities and (2) - 3000KW diesel driven generators complete with SCR systems for the Data Center and (1) – 1,000 kW Life safety Generator. Specifically, there are four 3750KV Medium Voltage Transformers, two 5,000 amp distribution switchboards, two 3,000 amp distribution switchboards, a 3000 amp load bank, 30 static switches, 30 PDU’s, four 750 kVA UPS Systems, two 500kVA UPS Systems, 98 sections of track bus, 500 feet of 5,000 amp cable bus, multiple 5,000 amp, and 3,000 amp bus duct runs. J.E. Richards supplied the engineering and installation for the Data Center Strut support system to carry the weight of the feeders and equipment.


The Aerospace Corporation provides critical resources for military, intelligence, civil and commercial services. 


J.E. Richards’ has been recognized by The Washington Building Congress for outstanding craftsmanship for Power Generation, Distribution, Switchgear and Lighting.