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Gloucester Switching Station 230KV Upgrade

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JBL Electric replaced and upgraded all electrical equipment in a PSEG 230KV Switching Station as part of  The Burlington Camden Reliability Project which will upgrade 138kV to 230kV on existing overhead and underground transmission circuits in South Jersey. 
Our team demolished all existing 230KV equipment circuit breakers, disconnects switches, CCVTs, and surge arrestors. We then installed (19) new 230 KV breakers and (36) new disconnect switches along with new CCVTs, surge arrestors, and bus insulators.  We replaced 4" aluminum bus with 5" Schedule 80 aluminum bus. Additionally, JBL installed new "A" frames and steel supports. Also in the scope of work: Demolish (1) XFMR, and (1) pump house plant. Connect new Shunt and Series Reactor. Install new station yard lighting. Set new control house and wire all new control house feeds.
This project required replacement of all major electrical equipment and structures on a live 230KV. The site was energized for 100% of the install and required heavy coordination between PSEG and the civil contractor on site. JBL used Primavera scheduling software to coordinate multiple outages.