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United Illuminating East Shore Substation

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For this project, United Illuminating's East Shore Substation was renovated to interconnect with PSEG’s 133 megawatt peaking generation project.


United Illuminating is an investor-owned electric distribution utility serving more than 325,000 customers in southwestern CT.  McPhee performed the following electrical aspects to the substation regarding the TRV upgrade:


  • Replacement of two 115KV capacitor bank bays including drilled shaft piers;
  • Civil work including foundations, grounding enhancements;
  • Switchyard expansion;
  • Installation of UG conduit/cable trench;
  • Installation of P&C cabling;
  • Replacement of twelve CCVT’s in existing bays and fencing
  • Demolition and remove of 115 kV transformer and switching structure foundations