Why Richards?

Since 1983, J.E. Richards has covered all aspects of key and critical power systems from building distribution to low voltage and fiber optics, with a heavy emphasis on design/build and data center/critical power applications. We also offer design, installation and maintenance services. Whether you are an owner, general contractor, construction manager or property manager, we can offer you successful turn-key solutions for even your most complex projects.

We are a team-oriented company with highly skilled staff. We pride ourselves on our strong reputation of consistent quality and our ability to maintain strong, long-term customer relationships.  Our objective is simple: to be the number one choice for electrical services in the market.

We know that trust is earned through demonstrated responsibility. That’s why we focus on what matters, accept nothing short of excellence from our partners, and ourselves and stop at nothing to earn and maintain your trust.


Hands-on experience from the best in the field.

That’s the base our company is built on. Most of our leaders have each spent several decades in this industry, have watched the arrival of new technologies, and know from working on the front lines how to build solutions that work. We breed and support our employees who maintain our goal-oriented and highly motivated culture. We’re always ready for the next challenge, no matter how daunting. We say, bring it on.

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